Lessons from a Blank Page

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Today is day thirteen of the 31 Days blog challenge, and I am sitting in front of my computer with a hot cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, just staring at a blank page.

It’s funny how some days I can’t wait to pour out my heart on a page. Thoughts swirl and grow during my morning journal time on the porch. I practically run upstairs to get to my computer. Once my fingers are poised on the keyboard, they sprint trying to keep up with my mind running at break neck speed already with a huge head start. I love days like that.

And then there are the days when I sit and stare and nothing inspires me. Today was like that. The blank page was a bully, a demanding boss telling me I have a deadline to make, a commitment to keep. My fingers felt sluggish and unmotivated because my minds was motionless and uninspired. Instead of waiting for inspiration, I sat, forcing myself to produce.

This morning I learned something staring at that blank screen. The blank page in front of me is either a friend or a foe depending on my perspective. When I reduce my writing to a have to, a product that must be manufactured, then it becomes a drudge, a nag, a bother. But when I see it as a friend, then the possibilities are endless.

What if the day before each of us is like a blank page? What if we have a choice to allow it to be a bully or our friend? Instead of filled with demands, what if it is also full of possibilities? What if the demands could be seen as opportunities waiting for our creative touch, turning them into art instead of products?

Today, the blank page started out as a relentless bully. Then she transformed into a wise teacher, and now I’ve decided she’s going to be my friend. The day before me may have some demands, but I choose to see the endless possibilities waiting for my creative touch.



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