Authors: Our Special Weekend Guests

This morning began like most of our weekend mornings do – a good breakfast, hot coffee with vanilla creamer (or as my nephew pointed out, creamer with some coffee added), a random game with our girls, and a good book. I love the ritual and rhythm of our weekend mornings.

When I say a good book, what I really mean is a book Kevin and I take turns reading to each other, a relatively new ritual we added a little over a year ago. The experience has been incredible. We have had discussions we never thought to have. We have laughed and cried together, and on so many levels, we have been inspired.

These authors have become our friends, invited guests into our morning liturgy. They have enriched our day, our life, our story, and our relationship to one another.  Sometimes I imagine them pulling up a chair beside us – a rocking chair on our porch or a spot on the loveseat across from us in our bonus room. We genuinely enjoy their company.

Our guests have been poets, priests and ex-priests, storytellers, theologians, academics, children’s authors. They have been gentle, pushy, thoughtful, wordy, opinionated, bossy, charming, eloquent, simple, and down right hilarious. Some have been frequent visitors – Donald Miller and Brennan Manning. Another stayed for months – Dallas Willard. A few duds appeared, in our opinion, but we decided to make the most of our time together. Just this morning, I introduce a good friend of mine to my husband and they seemed to hit it off quite well. I think she might even be added to the frequent visitor list.

One day, after this life is over, I hope to sit at a table with these friends of mine and tell them face to face how their words, their brave expressions, have shaped and inspired me. After that moment, I envision myself leaning back into a big comfy chair to listen to what else they have to say, things they never got to say on earth or never managed to get into print and of course, their new thoughts. And you know what? I even imagine they will care about my thoughts as well. At least I hope they will.

Until then, Kevin and I will continue to enjoy our special guests on our lovely weekend mornings.

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2 thoughts on “Authors: Our Special Weekend Guests

  1. Now I want to know some of the books you shared. Just last night, as I was reading Mere Christianity, Greg asked me if he would like it. I said I thought he would be impatient with C.S. Lewis’ voice in this one. He asked me to read to him a little bit, so I did. He said he wouldn’t mind if I read the whole book to him, and I said, “No way.” Now I’m rethinking that decision.

    • Andrea, I so hope you will reconsider. Reading together has been a time of discovery. We have been married for almost thirty years, and I have learned more about Kevin in one year of reading than in the last ten years. You may not like all that you discover, but at least you will grow. Let me know what happens.

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