Opportunities for Conversation and Relationship

I love when in a moment, through a book you are reading or a podcast you’ve heard, you can hear the gentle voice of God speaking. Some people get it right away. They read something and the words seem to lift off the page, setting themselves apart from the rest, asking for attention. And you know, just know, those words are for you.

And then there are times when you see them, giving only a glance, and move on. But God wants more than a glance. He wants your attention. He wants my attention. This personal God doesn’t give up. He nudges you again, this time through a song, a blog, a phone call. He doesn’t just want to be heard, He wants to have a conversation. He wants a relationship.

This morning I had one of those experiences. I wish I could say I gave Him my full attention when the words pressed against me. I noticed them and even underlined them with pencil (I read that way, with a pencil in hand. If I lend anyone a book, I am being vulnerable, allowing them into my personal world of underlining and unedited margin commentary), but I moved on and didn’t engage with them. I didn’t engage with God either. Thankfully, He is patient and persistent in His desire for relationship with each of us.

I used to dismiss these experiences as chance, coincidence. After all, some of the moments actually came from a Secular source. I say this with a little playful sarcasm because there was a  time I limited God to speaking to me only through Christian books, music, movies, and the Bible. Yikes! I was limiting God, but this is for another blog post.


Though God might have to repeat Himself using many sources to get my attention, I don’t dismiss words that jump out at me anymore. I don’t discount a repeated theme in my daily experience. I am getting better at recognizing the moments.

They aren’t simply instructional times for me anymore, though often they are quite instructional. They are relational experiences. I sit and think about what I am hearing, meditate on it, if you will. And then I start talking or writing. I ask God questions and sit with Him. It may sound a little nuts to some, but I am convinced God is not limited in how He can speak.

Today, He had to repeat Himself, and I didn’t feel His displeasure or impatience. I felt his love and His desire to spend time with me. The same patience a mother has with her small inquisitive child, God has with all of us.

This personal, intimate God is waiting for us to hear Him speak and longing for us to respond.


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