I’m a middle aged wife, mother, teacher, musician, artist who has slowly come undone, untwisted.  Slowly released my grip on rules and structure and control.  Slowly given up the illusion that a formula will save me.  That following a law will bring me peace.  Laws regarding food.  Laws regarding relationships.  Laws regarding God.  I’ve been adding more and more laws to my list in hopes of freedom only to find that the law leads me to bondage.  No law can free me.  No rule can save me.  It sounds pretty lawless.  Pretty radical.   Pretty wild.  But that’s exactly what Jesus came to be, a radical fulfillment of the law through grace.  This blog is a reflection on the work God is doing in my life through grace.  The less I focus on the law, the less I struggle.  The more I focus on grace, the more I soar. While lawLESS is intended to be a play on words, it is not meant to convey that less is the ultimate goal.  It is meant to convey a radical and complete LAWLESS freedom in grace.  Yeah, I know, it sounds pretty crazy.  But my life is so transformed that I am gushing with the desire to share, celebrate, explain, proclaim, shout it from the roof tops — be lawless!  My prayer is that the pages which unfold here will give some insight into the lawless life of grace.

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